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Daryl rides his older brother’s bike, complete with SS insignia and saddlebags filled with drugs. One might expect Merle to have an American bike, but most fans believe the bike is a British Triumph Bonneville 650 made between 1965 and 1971. Although providing many advantages, this motorcycle is extremely loud and has a small gas tank. So why does Daryl continue to ride Merle’s bike? “Simply put, it was Merle’s. Daryl rides this bike in honor of and in tribute to his big brother; it’s the one tangible thing Daryl has to remind him of Merle. To remind him of all that they were to each other, good or bad.” [X]


TWD meme | Stuff & Things; Daryl Dixon & Motorcycle Triumph.

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TWD meme | Stuff & Things; Daryl & Wing Vest.

The Walking Dead rewatch: Inside The Walking Dead 3x02: Sick


screencap meme: The Walking Dead + Favorite Bromance (Rick & Daryl)

‘Rick needs him, respects him’

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